‘Boost your skincare routine with Probiotics’

“My skin felt fresh, clean and smooth”

By now, few of us are strangers to the words ‘prebiotics’ and ‘probiotics,’ and most of us have experienced first-hand their gut-healing benefits. But when it comes to prebiotics and probiotics in skin, many of us are still a little in the dark about how and why these good bacteria could help restore our skin and bring back the balance.

To uncover the truth once and for all, we recruited Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist, and Health Coach Shivaun Conn to take part in our Superstart for superwomen trial team. We wanted to find out whether this busy mum of three and nutrition expert rated probiotics and prebiotics in skin care as highly as the wellness world is in the gut health world.


Shivaun is a high achiever in the health world. She’s worked for over 16 years as a dietitian, health coach and presenter, and currently coaches individuals in nutrition and lifestyle, trains practitioners in health behaviour change, and develops programs across a range of sectors. She also holds the titles of Director of Discovery Health Coaching and Vice President of the Australiasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

When she’s not working, she’s looking after her young daughter and staying consistent with her own healthy routine including fitness and healthy cooking. As they say, practice what you preach!

For Shivaun, mornings are all about working in working out. “Mornings are the time when I usually exercise as I love to start the day feeling energised, with feel good endorphins running through my body.”

Sometimes mornings include dropping her daughter at daycare, but if her husband handles drop off duties, she gets straight into exercising — a beach run and stretch session — before sitting down to a nutritious breakfast, “I love to have a healthy delicious breakfast to fuel myself for the day ahead, and take some time to reflect over what I have on for the day.”


As our trial team health expert, we had to ask Shivaun about her take on the probiotic trend that has rippled through the grocery store and the beauty aisle.

“We have microorganisms all throughout our body – our gut, skin, nose, and mouth. Probiotics are microbes that in sufficient quantities, can improve our health. They are definitely more than a trend, it’s an exciting area of research with lots of potential benefits and some real evidence-based health benefits.”

When it comes to prebiotics and probiotics, Shivaun explains it is important to have a good balance of both; “Prebiotics are food for our good microbes and probiotics are sources of good microbes (usually bacteria) that can help us to grow and nurture our healthy microbe populations. We can potentially increase our good microbe populations with probiotics and sustain them by feeding them with prebiotics.”


“My skin felt fresh, clean, smooth, and hydrated after the routine, I especially loved the feel of my skin after using the Skin Renewal Booster” she said. As a busy practitioner working with clients and in the media, the Elizabeth Arden Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask was particularly loved, “they made my skin feel amazing afterwards and I loved knowing I was doing something positive to look after my skin.”

And, thankfully, it didn’t cut into her running time either! On fitting the Elizabeth Arden Superstart range into her routine, she said, “As with all healthy behaviours, as it started paying off and my skin was looking noticeably better, it increased my motivation to stick with the regime. It was pretty easy!”

The biggest bonus? Before using the Superstart regime, Shivaun was experiencing breakouts. After the trial she said, “my skin has thankfully cleared up! It also looks and feels more hydrated,” she said, continuing, “I noticed the improvements after about 1.5 weeks. I wish I’d taken a before-and-after photo because the differences would be very noticeable.”

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