Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching increases your confidence, motivation and ability to successfully make health changes.

You learn how to break habits, plan & track for success and develop lifelong skills to manage weight, eating, exercise, sleep, stress, alcohol, and other lifestyle areas.  Most people know what to do but struggle to change their behaviours to create sustained change. That’s where Health Coaching comes in.

Unlike the traditional health approach of telling you what to do, Health Coaching is a collaboration between you and your Health Coach. As the client, you select your own focus areas and your Health Coach will offer evidence-based treatment options, information, guidance and a framework to best suit your needs. Your Health Coach will always respect you as an expert in your own life with the ability to choose your own pathway and strategies.

Your Health Coach Shivaun Conn is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), and University of Sydney Honours graduate (BSc (Nutrition & Dietetics) Hons). She has over 13 years experience coaching individuals to achieve their health & lifestyle goals. Her experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds in Sydney and across Australia enables her to tailor her approach to assist each individual in achieving their desired health outcomes.

Health Coaching can assist you with virtually any area of health and lifestyle you wish to change.

What are the benefits of Health Coaching?

Health Coaching comes with a multitude of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Increased confidence in your ability to make successful behaviour changes
  • Increased motivation to make long term changes
  • Greater knowledge and skills to maintain positive changes and continue to improve health
  • Improved health and reduction in chronic disease risks
  • Results!

How can Health Coaching help?

My clients have achieved success in many areas including:

  • weight loss
  • healthy eating
  • physical activity
  • stress management
  • improving sleep quality and quantity
  • quitting smoking
  • decreasing alcohol consumption
  • reducing cholesterol
  • reducing blood glucose
  • maintaining blood pressure
  • managing illness
  • balancing demands of work and home

Your first Health Coaching session

You can choose to have your 60 minute Initial Consultation:

  • face-to-face at your home, workplace or place of convenience
  • via phone/Skype at a time between 9am – 6:30pm

During your first consultation we will:

  • discuss your current state of health
  • explore health goals and agree on a primary goal(s)
  • design a personalised plan of action with specific activities to reach your goal
  • develop strategies to overcome barriers and achieve desired outcomes

What can I expect with Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is a collaborative partnership between you and the health coach. You can expect

  • Respect as an expert in your own life
  • Individually tailored solutions that you choose
  • A flexible structure suited to your lifestyle – take calls on the way to/from work, in the comfort of your office or home
  • Access to a degree qualified health practitioner with over 10 years experience
  • An increase in motivation and confidence to achieve your health goals
  • Skills to break through barriers and maintain successful health changes for life

My Health Coaching Programs

With my 3, 6 and 12 month Health Coaching packages, I include support & information to help you be your best.
You will receive:
Motivation – Your own personal health coach just a phone call away
Guidance – You’re no longer alone in your journey towards a healthier you
Ongoing support – Phone/Skype coaching calls and in-person consultations
Information – Latest evidence based information to assist you with achieving your goals
Tools & Resources – Online tools & Apps to help you plan and track your progress

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