Training for Health Professionals

I specialise in delivering tailored health behaviour change workshops for medical and allied health practitioners, nurses, fitness professionals, businesses, fitness clubs and gyms.

I have worked for 16 years in health behaviour change as an Executive Health Coach, health presenter, and previously as the lead Health Coach for the NSW Government ‘Get Healthy Service’. I currently coach and train practitioners in health behaviour change and health coaching techniques.

Programs and workshops can be delivered on site, via webinar, or at a specific venue.

Content is tailored to the needs of the business, medical centre, community health centre, and hospital.

Suggested topics can include:

Coaching Health Behaviour Change
  • Health behaviour change principles, models and techniques
  • Coaching approach and mindset
  • Positive psychology and appreciative inquiry
  • Example structure of a coaching session (tailored to the needs of clients)
Tailored Approaches to Support Health Behaviour Change
  • Assessing readiness to change behaviour/s
  • Stage matched interventions
  • Strategies to increase motivation to change
Motivational Interviewing
  • Spirit, principles, skills and processes
  • Addressing ‘sustain’ talk (the patient’s reasons for not changing their behaviours) and discord (disharmony in the relationship)
Determinants of Health Change
  • Assessing and planning for barriers and enhancing facilitators of health change
Supporting Patients to Set Goals and Take Action
  • Setting of SMART goals
  • Developing an action plan for 1-2 SMART goals
  • Methods of tracking and evaluation
  • Review and follow up sessions
Shivaun Conn

Looking for a tailored solution?

I can tailor a course or workshop to suit your needs and budget. My courses can be developed based on skill and experience level of participants and workplace needs.

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